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American Idiot

Winner of BWW 2015 Award for Best Sound Design in a New Production of a Play or Musical

The sound balance is excellent: you can hear all of Billie Joe Armstrong’s lyrics even on the odd occasion when you rather wish you couldn’t. 4****

The Independent

Delivers an energy and sound that is rarely seen in the West End.

The band and ensemble sound exceptional. 4****

What's On Stage

The delivery of the songs, the sound of the live band – all of it brimming with authenticity and anarchy. The creative team have definitely done their homework.

And it’s loud, although the sound team deserve a mention for the clarity and quality of the production.

Thriller Live

The sound balance – so crucial – is superb: not overbearing, but beautifully calibrated.

Chris Whybrow’s sound design — crystal clear and yet beefy and bold — is an integral element for the success of the production.

Daily Review – Sydney, Australia

A visual and audio feast for fans of the legendary Michael Jackson.

Birmingham Mail

Show-stopping Sound.

Bath, Gazette & Herald

The sound is loud but doesn’t distort the really fine voices of the singers, so three cheers for the sound designer, Chris Whybrow. 5*****

The songs are great and the singing and dancing is outstanding, it also has the best live band I’ve heard in a theatre for a long time.

Tony Blackburn

It’s all laid down with tremendous funk and fusion of lights, sound and dance moves.

Micheal Coveney, The Independent

Breathtaking sound and light design.

Mounted on a colourful set with plenty of eye-popping CG visuals and a zappy, effective sound design by Chris Whybrow, the cast of artists from UK, Australia and the US all exuberantly bumped and grinded their way through MJ’s famous hits. – Brisbane, Australia

The Live band at this production is exceptional with an ‘arena’ feel sound-system offering the full Jacko experience.

It arrives with genuine West End production values – the sound is phenomenal, the dancing sensational, the lighting awesome, and the Pavilion stage has never seemed so big, impressive, and utterly dazzling.

Southern Daily Echo

20th Century Boy

Credit to Chris Whybrow’s sound design which was perfectly balanced on this first night in Wimbledon.

Legally Blonde

Even the band, packed into a tiny marquee beyond the stage, spares no grandeur in the arrangements, and sounds fantastic.

Philip Whitcomb’s set along with Chris Whybrow’s well-crafted sound design ensure all the action is both seen and heard as the sun sets behind the trees.

Jonathan Baz -

Singin’ In the Rain

The quality of playing and the deft mixing make Kilworth’s sound design among the best on the circuit, and contribute enormously to the enjoyability of the production.

West Side Story

Electrifying production played with energy, spontaneity and passion.

Thoroughly Modern Millie

What makes musical productions so outstanding in this venue is that there are no walls to contain the sound. It swells and expands like something let loose into the atmosphere.
Just couldn’t be bettered – sheer joy from start to finish. *****

The Stage

Chris Whybrow’s sound ensured that lyrics were always clear and the balance between voice and orchestral texture perfectly poised.

Stephen Collins,

The band sounds fantastic.

The performance of ‘Thoughly Modern Millie’ was outstanding, from the live orchestra, who where perfectly tuned , who could be heard perfectly by the amazingly clear sound system, it was hard to believe you were in the middle of a forest.

TripAdvisor User

Footloose Tour

Sound designer Chris Whybrow excels in technically delivering the perfect balance of music and voice through every number and dramatic sequence…. from the first opening of thundering drums of the Footloose theme you could tell sonically it was going to be good.

Perfect clarity.